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Corn tea

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Corn tea

│ Product Information │

• Name of the product : Corn tea
• Income salesman : TEA UP
• Raw materials : Corn(Domestic) 80%, Black wheat leaf extract(Italian)
• Expiration date : One year from date of manufacture
• The type of goods: Leached tea
• a manufacturing establishment: TEA UP

│ Function & Feature │

• This is effective against skin
• Improve liver functions.
• Effective for relieving hangovers.
• This is helpful for the prevention of disease, hypertension
• Effective for the prevention of edema.

│ Tea-up Tech │

Tea-Up has developed new Tea treatment techniques which, when coupled with our new Vessel Technology, allow tea drinkers to enjoy the full flavor of tea at a lower temperature.
Most of Beverages are not healthy because high-temperature pasteurization destroys nutrients and artificially sweetened.
Tea-Up’s organic tea has no synthetic additives and guarantees the real flavor of tea.

Tea-Up’s cap size is compatible with any mineral water bottle
Remove original cap of mineral water bottle and insert Tea-up vessel Gently shake to brew faster!

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Corn tea

Corn tea